The Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter provides the following services within the county:

  • Pick-up of stray domestic animals. Non-aggressive strays are only handled during normal business hours
  • Investigation of complaints regarding unrestrained animals, nuisance problems and neglected or abused animals. Again, during normal business hours.
  •  Emergency assistance to Law Enforcement.
  • Housing of strays and adoptable unwanted pets
  • Connecting lost pets with their owners
  • Maintaining a Pet Adoption Program
  • Community education about animal care and behavior, responsible pet ownership, humane animal treatment, and the importance of pet sterilization via free literature and expert advice from staff
  • Sponsoring low cost Spay/Neuter Program
  • Enforcing Animal Control Ordinances (To obtain a copy of the City / County  Ordinances, State Laws, and/ or Impoundment Fees and Policies please contact our office at (812)-663-9081, or by email at
  • Quarantining of bite cases for observation as required by law
  • Rental of live-traps for catching stray cats (some exclusions apply)

The Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter DOES NOT provide the following:

  • Handling or removal of nuisance wildlife. For information on this, contact DNR* or visit
  • Care of injured wildlife. For a list of current certified Wildlife Rehabilitators call DNR* or visit
  • Veterinary services for the public
  • Owner requested euthanasia
  • Removal of owned pets from a residence
  • Disposal of deceased pets
  • Boarding of owned pets
  • Free pet food or pet equipment ( Please contact Human Services at 812-663-8830)
*For all Wildlife Issues and Concerns, please contact:

Department of Natural Services (DNR)
Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.
(317) 232-4200 or (877) 463-6367
EMERGENCIES: Contact the DNR Division of Law Enforcement Central Dispatch (812) 837-9536, or your local police or Sheriff

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3 thoughts on “Services

  1. I have two kittens I need to find a home for. They are litter box trained very sweet and loving can be indoor and or outdoor. Please help need to find a home ASAP


  2. My dog and cat were turned over to you and I want them back! Xena is a very small and old girl we’ve had her 14 years my cat is grey tiger less than a year. Please don’t let anything happen to them we will be there as soon as you open please call or email me asap


  3. Can you please direct me to the website or location of animal ordinences for the city of Greensburg/Decatur County? Where can I obtain a copy of animal laws/ordinences to have in my hand? Thank you for your time and effort.


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