Pawesome Programs

Check out our special programs we have going on right now! We’re pawsitive you’ll love them


Seniors for Seniors

seniors for seniors

*Are you 55 or over, and a resident of Decatur County who would like a four-legged companion that compliments your lifestyle? Call our shelter and inquire about our “seniors for seniors” program. Qualifying seniors may be matched with a mature dog or cat at no cost to you!

*Only available when we have funding to support the program.

I You Feed Them, Please Fix Them

community cats

We’re stopping unwanted pregnancies and overpopulation! Feral cats can be spayed and neutered through our monthly low-cost program for $75 for females and $50 for males! (this price includes the cost of a rabies vaccine). This program is made possible through a grant and will expire when monies are used up so don’t delay…sign them up today!

Not a resident of Decatur County? We will gladly sign up your cat for a low cost of $75 for their surgery and rabies vaccine. Some surrounding counties may also have spay/neuter grants so check with your local animal control, shelter, or humane society!

P.S. Dogs are just $80!

These programs are made possible by generous contributors to our shelter. All restricted donations are used for animal care and enrichment, both in-house and out. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of the animals in Decatur County please contact us. We accept cash, check, money order and Paypal. Thank You!