Lost-Found Pets

If your pet ends up at the Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter,  you have 3 business days to claim it. If it is not claimed within that time, it becomes the property of the Shelter. Please contact the shelter directly by calling 812-663-9081 as soon as you are aware that your pet is missing. (NOT by Facebook or this website).

Claiming Your Pets:

For owners to claim their pets the following requirements apply:

  • Owners must provide a valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate. (Indiana law requires owners to keep the rabies vaccination (1yr or 3yr on dogs and cats current). If the rabies vaccination is not current the owner may go to one of our local vets and PRE-PAY for the shot, and then bring the receipt to the Shelter
  • There is a $10 per night boarding fee
  • Other fees may be assessed based on whether or not the Animal Control Officer picked up the pet and if there is repeat offense or neglect issues.

Finding Your Lost Pets:

At the Shelter, we maintain a Lost and Found Board:

  • Call us or stop by and we will post your information for 30 days
  • WTRE, a local radio station, has a “Tree County Trader” hour on weekday mornings. This is a good way to broadcast information about your lost or found pet. Visit: http://www.wtrecommunity.com or call (812) 663-3000
  • Lost or Found Pets can be listed in the Greensburg Daily News classified section: (888) 663-1063 http://www.greensburgdailynews.com
  • Tractor Supply and Rural King in Greensburg have boards where notices can be posted for free
  • The County Court House has a notice board in the East end entrance

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2 thoughts on “Lost-Found Pets

  1. We are looking for our lost Boxer. It is male and still has it’s tail. We live out toward Letts on 700 south. It is wearing a blue collar and has a white chest. please if you has seen it or know anything about it call me at 812-593-0433. There are two little girls plus a family worried sick about him!!! Thank you and God bless!!


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