Happy Tails

Greensburg Decatur County Animal Shelter invites you share with us any feedback and experiences with us and/or your pet(s) that you might have in the form of testimonials, touching stories and anecdotes, etc. We encourage you to submit photos and text on our facebook page that others may see and enjoy.

Submitting Feedback:

It is a simple process whereby you can submit content for consideration on this website via email to: shelter22@frontier.com or you can use our online contact form on this website. All appropriate feedback will be considered carefully.

Naughty or Nice Kitty
ginger cat

Nice Kitty Pete

When I adopted a ginger cat, I wondered why anyone could have given up such a nice looking and affectionate male cat. Still, I thought I would be saving the furniture because Pete (looked like a Pete, to me) came declawed. Instead I learned the expensive and hard way that he liked to chew on electrical cords. I’ve since invested in cord protectors (split flex tubing you can cut to size), available online and at most hardware and electrical stores. Moral of the story – always ask about a potential pet’s characteristics – good and bad. . . and pet proof your home! And Pete, well – he is both naughty and nice – Laura H.

It’s a Dog’s Life…

Sweet Josephine




Michelle R. says: “Josephine is doing great! So happy!!


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