About Us

Shelter Hours

  • Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 12 am – 4 pm
  • Wednesday: 2 – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 11 am – 2 pm
  • Closed: Sundays, Mondays and Holidays!
greensburg decatur county animal shelter

Our Home

Serving the city of Greensburg and all of Decatur County, Indiana, we are a local government funded facility that consists of Animal Control and the Animal Shelter. Our focus is domestic animal rescue and adoptions.

In spite of space limitations, our euthanasia percentage is less than half the national average due largely to our wonderful volunteers. We work very hard to provide a loving and caring environment for our animals while they are with us.

We are open to the public during the above hours. Adoptions are not limited to city or county residents. Come visit us and meet your future pet!

We gratefully accept donations of money and materials for animal care and enrichment. CLICK here to see our Wish List of items we need.


119 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Can you please check about a dog in New Point at an abandoned house on 400 South. Looks like he’s been there for awhile. He’s very matted. Me and another lady took some water and food over to him. Thanks so much.


  2. I wrote awhile back about two cats that we are missing. Can u let me know if you have any that fit their descriptions? Both have tipped ears one is male yellow with white face, chest, paws, and the tip of his tail. The other is female white on her belly, chin, and chest but gray stripes on the rest. Both are skittish around strangers. Thank you


  3. If any long haired calico kittens come in i would love to have one!! Im looking for the perfect kitten but would rather to adopt . If one comes in could you please email me and I will come pick up asap. Thank you.


    • Hi, i saw your message on the animal shelter site about wanting a calico kitten. I have One that is female, 5 months old. Very playful and love able. I must Get rid of because i have A baby that i believe is allergic to cats😢 if interested please send me a text or email. Lindzhamman@hotmail.com 513 551 0235
      I can Send pictures


  4. My family wants one of your blood hounds please. We will be down tomorrow morning to see them. My two sons are in love. Please let me know if you still have them


    • The pups actually went to Madison today to work with a prison program there where the inmates have a pup that they take care of and train. The programs are very successful for inmates and the dogs also.

      We do have the mom of the pups here for adoption.


  5. We are interested in finding out how to adopt the bloodhound and puppies. How much is the fee. Is she full blooded? Please let me know a phone number I can call and talk to someone. Thank you!


    • Valerie,

      The pups actually went to Madison today to work with a prison program there where the inmates have a pup that they take care of and train. The programs are very successful for inmates and the dogs also. The momma is still available for adoption. The adoption fee is 100.00 which covers a spay, rabies shot, and all vaccinations.


  6. Could you please check this house out 7551 West county road 105 north GREENSBURG Indiana 47240 there are about 30 stray cats from outside that house that keep getting in my garden eating my vegetables and cat fights all day every day I am sick of cats everywhere!


    • I have a couple calico cats. Really wanted Tyler but he probably woukdn.t like it here with several other cats. I went down to see him Thursday. Think he would be better with a one owner cat. Real sorry that didn.t work out. Would be best for Tyler but I.m glad I got to see him. Let me know how he’s doing now and then. Would appreciate that. He’s sure pretty .


  7. I am missing my orange and white cat. She’s pretty big and fluffy. We live around the New Point truck stop area. She’s been missing for two days.


  8. I lost my sweet boy two nights ago on 650 N. Greensburg white English bulldog named Mac he’s two years old just want to reach out to you all if anyone brings Him in for treatment he has eye drainage issues please give me a call he is my everything. 812 614 3825 A sizable reward offered Joe 812 614 3825


  9. Someone opened my back gate and my 7 yr old Morkie is gone. I work til after 2 am and fear he’s been gone all day. I put a green sweater on him this morning and do not recall him having his collar/tags on. His name is Ollie and is mostly black with silver throughout and white chest. Approx. 17 lbs. He is friendly but not to be teased or otherwise messed with as he will bite. I will call shelter in am but am posting this in event he’s been brought there or someone has seen him. Praying he just comes home.


  10. I was just curious if you guys ever get any guinea pigs in the shelter that are surrendered? I’m in the process of looking for some rescue and am just looking around my area. Thanks!


  11. Found a dog on park rd tonight. Brought it home. Fed and bathed it. Can I bring it to the shelter in Hope’s of finding the owner? Has collar but no tags. Thank you


  12. I was told that you will he having a clinic to spay/neuter cats and dogs. My question is are there still spaces available? We live 30 minutes away and don’t want to make a trip there if there is no availability left. Thank you.


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