Ask Mutt ‘n Puss

Mutt ‘n Puss welcomes you to the Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter located in Greensburg, Indiana. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, you may contact us online, call or visit us here.

  1. What kinds of services does the shelter provide?

    • Enforcing ordinances relating to the control, impoundment, and disposition of domestic animals
    • Animal sheltering focused on domestic animal rescue and adoption
    • Spay/Neuter Clinics
    • Helping Lost or Found Pets find their homes
  2. What kinds of donations does the shelter accept?

    • Money and materials for animal care and enrichment are greatly appreciated
  3. What is included in the adoption fees for cats and dogs?

    • Your adopted cat/kitten will have a Feline Leukemia Test, be vaccinated, treated for worms, fleas/ticks and ear mites, and be spayed/neutered
    • Your new dog/puppy will be tested for Heartworm (if over 6 mos old), be vaccinated, treated for worms and fleas/ticks, and be spayed/neutered. (A micro-chip may be purchased)
  4. I like working with people and animals, what can I do to help?

    • CLICK here for Volunteering Opportunities (for a few minutes to several hours). You may also contact us online or call.
  5. What about Spay and Neutering Clinics?

    • The Shelter partners with low-cost clinics
  6. Can I afford to keep a pet?

    • Along with food and general upkeep (bedding, dog boxes, leashes, etc), prospective owners should factor in costs for items such as flea/tick prevention, heart worm prevention and vaccines. The potential for additional costs for care of health issues or emergency vet services are things that owners must always keep in mind. We have found that if affording the adoption fee is a hardship, then a pet may be too much of an additional burden on the household budget.

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