Adoptable Cats

Looking for a cuddle bug? Or a maybe a “mouser?”

How about a friend for life that is content to sit and purr while you veg out and watch TV?  The Shelter staff will help you choose the right cat to fit your lifestyle.

The wonderful, loving cats at the Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter are eager to meet you and go home to their life-long family. Our Shelter intakes far more cats that it can adequately house. By adopting one, you could be saving its life and that of another!

Find a Pet Quickly:

Click on this PET FINDER link to view up-to-date details of all our Shelter cats and dogs waiting to be adopted into good homes.


Featured Pets



Mack is a one year old neutered male. He loves to relax with the other cats and is very laid back.

13 thoughts on “Adoptable Cats

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  2. We had a ragdoll cat that I had forever and was my daughter’s best friend and would let her carry him everywhere and slept with her. He passed away from old age and she’s getting ready to turn three. I’m wanting to find a child friendly cat or kitten that would be her new best friend and cuddle buddy. Could you please email me back with any that would fit that role?


  3. I am missing a grey tiger striped cat. He is not neutered yet. It was our plan to do that. He just disappeared a few weeks ago from our home near Adams. He was a outside cat mostly. He would come in for a little while then he wanted back out. Please let me know if you have a cat like that. I have posted on Facebook and everything. He never went far from home.
    Thanks, Shirley Godbey


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